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Bristol is the first company to have sold this type of product into the U.S. market manufactured in England from European materials. This has been achieved because the Bristol philosophy is different from that of other suppliers to the North American market. Bristol has looked at the need for heat and flame protection from the firefighter’s perspective. The European firefighter’s perspective is that optimum heat and flame protection should be combined with the absolute minimum resultant heat stress associated with the necessary weight and thickness of the garment.
In Europe, when looking for better protective clothing, firefighters have always been very conscious of weight. This weight philosophy has led to the development of bunker gear styles which are the lightest available while still comfortably exceeding the Thermal Protective Performance (T.P.P.) requirements of N.F.P.A. 1971. They also exceed the heat and flame protection requirements of European Standard EN469.
Bristol styles are the lightest on the market because all metal fittings (with the exception of the zipper) have been removed. Soft, flexible, lightweight fabrics are also used which give the wear comfort of a winter parka combined with the Thermal Protective Performance of a more traditional turnout coat.
Bristol Fire Apparel offers a variety of outershell fabrics. However, in order to exceed the durability standards and expectations in different countries around the world, Bristol is always involved in the specification of fabrics which can meet all requirements. The results of this research are our Flagship outershell fabrics, Nomex® Delta T® Ripstop Twill and more recently, Nomex® Titan® featuring the unique property of “active air entrapment”.
Although N.F.P.A. 1971 only specifies some durability requirements, Bristol took all the important factors which have an impact on the durability of the ensemble into consideration in garment design. Both Nomex® Delta T® Ripstop Twill and Nomex® Titan® give good outershell abrasion resistance. High abrasion resistance leads to a more durable bunker gear ensemble which will be capable of remaining in service longer with negligible garment repair costs.

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