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Moisture Barrier

Crosstech®, produced by W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. is a 1.8 oz. per square yard poly tetra fluoro ethylene laminated to a 3.2 oz. per square yard NOMEX® IIIA woven pajamacheck subtrate.The fabric is water resistant, but still "breathable". This means that the fabric will not allow water to pass through from the outside to the wearer, but it will permit the wearer's sweat to wick away through the fabric to the outside. Crosstech® is also resistant to bloodborn pathogens and is tested to ensure that is is resistant to blood, body fluids, and common chemical liquid penetration. The seams of the moisture barrier are taped using Gore's sealing technology involving tape, machine and sealing process to ensure the integrity of the seams even after many wash/dry cycles.

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