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Nomex III®

Nomex® is the best known fiber in the world for overall thermal protection. The 5% Kevlar® is added to give the fabric extra strength and to reduce thermal "breakopen". This twill weave fabric, offered only in white has a soft and flexible finish and is ideally suited for the chief's fire coat.

  • 95% DuPont Nomex® III

  • 5% Kevlar®

  • Twill Weave

  • 7-8 oz. per square yard
  • NOMEX® is a registered trademark of Dupont


    NOMEX Titan® is a new generation outershell fabric which has been developed in a partnership between Dupont and Hainsworth Protective Fabrics in England. This outer shell material carries the unique property of "active air entrapment". It consists of NOMEX® on top and a Kevlar® grid underneath. When the fabric is exposed to extreme heat such as a flash fire situation, the two fibers react differently causing the NOMEX® layer to consolidate and ripple while the Kevlar® grid remains undamaged. The rippled Nomex® layer creates pockets of air known as "active air entrapment" between the outer layer and the Kevlar® grid and the moisture barrier. Air is one of the world's lightest and most effective heat insulators and this unique outer shell fabric harnesses this natural thermal barrier.
  • 89% NOMEX®

  • 9% Kevlar®

  • 2% P140

  • Ripstop Plain Weave

  • 6.5 oz. per square yard

    ADVANCE TM Rip Stop

    ADVANCE, a Nomex/Kevlar blend outershell fabric, exclusively available from Southern Mills unites the proven dependability of Nomex with the rugged strength and durability of Kevlar into a unique, hardworking fabric that offers uncompromised performance. When the forces of these two flame resistant fibers are combined, the thermal strength and durability of the resulting fabric is dramatially increased. The inherently flame resistant fibers in Advance eliminate any need for chemical treatment and artifical enhancement than can wash out. Its exceptional thermal integrity is lightweight. Advance has a special rip-stop weave giving the outershell fabric remarkable tear strength and puncture resistance, remaining strong and flexible even after extreme heat exposure.
    Available Colors

  • 40% Nomex®

  • 60% Kevlar®

  • Ripstop Plain Weave

  • 7.0 oz. per square yard

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